Traveling to Paris? Here are a Few Things You Should Know Before you Arrive
Take a Class in French
Unlike other more rural areas in France, a majority of Parisians can speak English. And just like you may be worried that you do not speak perfect French, they too are concerned that they don’t have a command of the English language. Taking a class or two in French will give you a level of comfort when communicating with other Parisians, and they will appreciate the extra effort.
Make Time For Meals
Dinners in Paris are events that go on for several hours, so make sure that you allow the time to enjoy your meal. If you are unfamiliar with the cuisine, don’t be afraid to ask your waiter. Most restaurants pride themselves on giving you a great experience, and while there is no obligation to tip, servers appreciate it when you do. You may also need to ask, politely, for your check, if you don’t, you may be waiting for a while.
Don’t Assume Everyone is Rude
If you have never been to France, you may not have the best impression of the people. We often see rude or abrupt Parisians in movies or television shows, but the majority of Parisians are kind, pleasant and very willing to assist you should you find yourself lost. They do value courtesy, so a friendly hello and goodbye are customary when you meet new people.
Getting to Know Paris
It is often said that the worst part of Paris is leaving it. So don’t be surprised if you find yourself tearing up a bit when you get on the plane. But with so much left to discover, you may start planning your next trip to the city of lights while you are still on the runway.
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