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International Health Insurance for as LOW as $1.25 a day!Whether you travel for business or pleasure, international travel involves risk. You may arrive at your destination to find that your luggage with personal items has disappeared. A personal emergency may necessitate your early return to your Home Country. A medical emergency may require hospitalization or even air evacuation.

In most cases, your existing insurance will not provide adequate protection for these and other risks. Without appropriate travel insurance, you may be exposed to significant financial liability. We have several plans designed to take the risks out of international travel, so you can have an enjoyable and productive trip.

Who Is The Insurer?

Plan Administrator
HCC Medical Insurance Services, LLC (HCCMIS), headquartered in Indianapolis, Indiana, is a full service organization offering a comprehensive portfolio of insurance products designed specifically to address the insurance needs of consumers worldwide. HCCMIS is a subsidiary of HCC Insurance Holdings, Inc. (NYSE: HCC), a leading international specialty insurance group headquartered in Houston, Texas. HCC's major domestic and international insurance companies have a financial strength rating of "AA (Very Strong)" from Standard & Poor's Corporation. HCC's major domestic insurance companies have a financial strength rating of "AA (Very Strong)" from Fitch Ratings, "A1 (Good Security)" from Moody's Investors Service, Inc., and "A+ (Superior)" by A.M. Best Company, Inc.

Product Information

Individual Travel Medical
- Unlike many travel plans, this insurance provides coverage for high-cost medical conditions, access to healthcare worldwide, including the US and Canada, combined with important travel benefits such as emergency evacuation, lost luggage, trip interruption and 24-hour assistance.

Two Plans to Choose From:

1 - Atlas International - Up to $1,000,000 in short-term coverage for US and non-US citizens traveling abroad for work or pleasure. Coverage periods are from 5 days up to 12 months.

2 - Atlas America - Up to $1,000,000 in short-term coverage for non-US citizens traveling to the US for work or pleasure. Coverage periods are from 5 days up to 12 months. 

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